Sunday, July 28, 2013

Let them LEAD

This weekend at church has been so fun. A bunch of our Youth are preparing to head to Tidal Impact next week so we took some time to commission them in our services. When we go to First Baptist in Dartmouth, we'll be leading the Sunday worship service. We have a young man by the name of Luke Steeves in our Youth Group who has felt called to preach for a couple years, since he was 14. So he's going to preach in Dartmouth next week. So I thought... why not get him to preach at home, too?

So this weekend Luke preached at TJC! It was fun working with him as he prepared. He did a great job! Luke has a willing and humble spirit which meant God was able to use him to reach people with the message of The Great Banquet. I can't wait to watch him preach again next Sunday in Dartmouth!

This morning as I stood at the back, with my summer student on one side of me and a Young Adult acting campus pastor on the other, and 3 teenagers/preteens in the sound booth, I was like wow.... this whole service is being run by NextGens right now. The mean age of leadership was about 18. And our preacher was 16. It was FUN! In some churches this wouldn't be allowed. You'd have to wait until you had more experience, or went to seminary, or had adults there looking over your shoulder to make sure you did it all right. But today at TJC young people were leading, being used by God to accomplish His work.

It's like that in Scripture too, you know. The disciples were not that old when Jesus called them. And they started the first church!!! David was a boy when he defeated Goliath. Josiah was 8 years old when he became king! Mary was a teenager when she gave birth to Jesus. Young people have always been used by God. So why is it that churches in the 21st century sometimes still hesitate to give important, high-end responsibility tasks to youth? I dare you to try it sometime. Take a couple of bright lights under your wing, let them learn from you, disciple them, and then watch them fly. It's incredible how God can move through them! And it may lead to them discovering God's call on their life for the first time.

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Larry Cornell said...

Awesome sermon by Luke. Truly an inspiration to have our youth so involved and to hear such a great message by this gifted young man.