Monday, September 09, 2013

The power of a few minutes

Today was a weird day. My church is a little ways out of our city's centre... and I live a little ways from city centre on the opposite side. I had an appointment in town at 10am so I opted not to go to work beforehand for the sake of 45min at my desk. My appointment ended at 10:30 and I had a lunch meeting at 11:30 (also in town). Days like this can be super annoying - meetings spread apart just enough that you feel like there's no big chunk of time to get something accomplished (I am very type A task-driven, if you haven't caught on yet). I thought "I can't waste my whole day away" so I went to Starbucks and decided to push and see what I could do with the few precious minutes I had.

Well, within 54 minutes I managed to finish up 4 weeks of children's curriculum (12 documents), submit 3 purchase requests, respond to 4 e-mails, send a few Facebook messages, and adjust 6 schedules in our church management software! All while sipping an Americano in my favorite coffee spot. Sure, I was a couple of minutes late for brunch. But I got SO MUCH DONE in such a short span of time! I was impressed and amazed.

I hate to think of all the other "little bits" of time I've had, but have shrugged them off as not long enough to do anything, so I ended up doing nothing (except maybe play bejeweled blitz). Little bits of time can really add up. Sometimes, it's worth spending 5 minutes reading a book. Or 3 minutes making that phone call you've been putting off. Or 40 minutes getting some office work done. If we capitalized on all those little bits of time, I think we'd find ourselves much farther ahead at the end of the work week!

Just something to think about. :)


Dave Morehouse said...

Profound and something we need to practise - "teach us to number our days..."

RETA said...

Great food for thought. You are so right. Time just slips through our fingers.